April 6, 2015

BROOKSLACAYO Advertising is Now Lacayo Advertising

Jacksonville, FL: April 6, 2015. BROOKSLACAYO Advertising has rebranded to Lacayo Advertising, The new name of the branding and strategy agency coincides with the retirement of one of the partners. The agency is now Hispanic-owned and Andres Lacayo heads the business.

“After 10 years creating lasting and meaningful business relationships in the greater Jacksonville area, we are excited to continue to provide effective marketing approaches to start-ups, small to mid-size to Fortune 500 companies, and the Non-profit community,” Andres said. The agency will maintain its downtown presence.

One of the major changes ushered in with the new agency name is an increased concentration on branding and strategy. The agency is well known for its award-winning branding campaigns. “Over the years, the agency has provided its clients with compelling creative work, strategy and exceptional client service,” he commented.

Lacayo Advertising is a strategy and branding agency based in Jacksonville. Its focus is to help clients achieve more sustainable and profitable brand recognition and performance by creating richer and more meaningful brands.

For more information contact: Andres Lacayo